Wednesday, March 19


WWKIP Day - World Wide Knit In Public Day. Sorry for the confusion.

This is a video of Katie and myself with one of our horses, Dancer. She's the one we're hoping to sell. Anyone want to buy a horse??? :)

Been knitting on socks for myself. Finally got the thrummed mittens finished. Still have to call the lady and tell her they're finished though.

I'm making a pair of the monkey socks now; slight adaption to the pattern because I had to add more stitches to it. Hopefully it'll look OK when done. Thanks to Purly Whirly for letting me that those weren't cables, and weren't too hard to do :)

Been working in the school library all this week. Working on dishcloths there; took me two days to knit one. They'll be going in a "dishwashing stash basket" for a dutch auction here on the 28th. (6:30pm at the Lower Ohio Community Hall, in support of the Roseway River 4-H Club ... if you want to come)

Guess that's it for today.

Saturday, March 8


Does anyone know when the official date is? Going by past years I'm assuming it's the second Saturday in June; which makes it June 14th this year.

There is going to be a small event in Shelburne. Location and such will be announced later on. So far we know there will be tea, coffee and food. Hopefully some local knitters will come; there'll be 3 of us there for sure :) And some knitters from "afar" ... hey Knitterpuddlians - consider this your formal invitation!!

At the same time there will be specical displays set up at the museums about the Loyalists in Shelburne - it's our 225th anniversary. Lots of events planned throughout the year.

I updated the finger puppet count. And a delivery was made this past week. I didn't count them, just filled three bags full and sent them on their way. The daughter of a friend of mine was going in for some surgery on Thursday, so they offered to deliver them for me. Finger puppets, and 24 cast socks. :)

Have a good one!!