Thursday, November 11

I'm home

and still tired :)

Had a good trip. Learned lots, met lots of new people, had fun.

What stuck with me?? "If what you are doing isn't working, change it", "If you move the body you move the mind", "Get out of your box"

At our 4-H general meeting the other night we played rock/paper/scissors. With a twist. You play one person. The loser then cheers the winner as they go on to play someone else. The loser then joins the cheering squad for the winner as they go on to play someone else. And so on. Until there are two people playing and everyone else cheering them on. At least that's how it was supposed to work. We had some who refused to join in. :(

I got off the plane, and was waiting for our shuttle and said "I'm in the same city as The Yarn Harlot" The lady walking beside me (total stranger) said "It's a good thing, isn't it?" LOL She was a knitter too. She wasn't part of the 4-H conference though.

I did buy myself a 100m hank of 2play homespun alpaca yarn from a booth at The Royal. It's green and beige. Very pretty, soft and ohhhhhhhhhhhh. Wish I had gotten more, but they only had the one hank of that color. There was a nice mohair skein there; but I couldn't spend $65 on yarn! There were several booths selling llama and alpaca yarn. Oh the softness of it all. One booth had the corner piled high with bags of roving; I asked if I could curl up in and go to sleep for a bit. Lady said I must be a true knitter :)

While in Toronto we went to the CN Tower and a dinner theater. FUN. We went to the John Deere plant and Niagara Falls. FUN. We got to see a $250 000 tractor. I got to go to the Hershey store :) They had a whole corner of the store devoted to Reece's Peanut Butter cups and pieces ... sweatshirts, t-shirts, pillows ... need more money if I get to go again. And we got to spend an afternoon at The Royal. FUN FUN FUN Lots and lots of stores/trade booths ... was there 3 hours and didn't see them all. My room mate found a booth selling gluten free mixes and bought me a treat - I didn't even see that booth; apparently there was a whole section that I missed out on. :(

Now, a challenge for you. Can you put a straw through a potatoe? I can. Picture proof later

Tuesday, November 2

I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane

Heading to Toronto tomorrow morning.
Going to the 4-H National Leaders Conference.
Will be home on Sunday.
Hope hubby and kids make out OK without me for a few days :)
Happy knitting. I'm being a chicken and not taking any knitting with me ... too scared they'll take my bamboo needles from me.