Thursday, July 23

Baby Budgie

This is the oldest of the two baby budgies our pair hatched. Hatched July 8th. Getting noisy and busy!!
(think I might take some knitting pictures next LOL)

I'm trying to get some things knit to put in the exhibition here this summer. Have about 5 things to enter so far. I knit 2 yards of a narrow edging ... what fun that was!! I've made a pair of kids mittens, and am working on ladies mittens now.

Have a good one!!

Tuesday, July 21


Thought I should post something. And since my flowers are oh so pretty right now, they are being shared.
My Super Dorothy rose bush. B-day present from 2 of my friends a couple of years ago. Absolutely beautiful!!

These are pictures of my lillies. Not sure what type they are ... but what a lovely sea of yellow in the garden! See that branch, it's just at the height of the top of my head, to give you a bit of a sense of how tall they are.

And final shot - hungry fishes :)