Saturday, August 30


Two things to celebrate today.

1) It's National Toasted Marshmallow Day. Our big marshmallow roast starts at 7:30. Wanna come??

2) the Peacock Feather Shawl is done!!! Still needs to be soaked and pinned to dry - but boy am I ever happy!!

See, the shawl in it's finished state :) blocking on a flannel sheet hanging between two poles in my living room. 82" X 41"

Monday, August 25

Aug 25th .... humm, what to title this post??

Tomorrow is a big day for hubby and myself. Tomorrow celebrates 19 years of marriage.

19 years ago we spent the night in a friends cottage beside the river. They promised us that in 20 years we could spend the night there again. In the mean time they have torn down the little cottage we stayed in and built a much, much, much nicer one. I mean, this cottage is way better than my house! And, yes, the deal to stay there next year still stands :)

No special plans. Think we will make up some cards that say something about it being our anniversary on them, and go geocaching, leaving the cards in the ones that we find. I did pick up some lime and ?? marinated steaks from Sobeys last week to cook for our supper. Will make rice and veggies to go with them. (and hotdogs for the kids)

Shawl update. I'm on row 211 or so of 250!! It's getting there, slowly. It takes me about 45 minutes to do a pattern row and a purl row.

Started a pair of broadripple socks. Re-started a pair of broadripple socks. Re-started a pair of broadripple socks. Got past the heel on this attempt ... and just noticed a mistake in the pattern on the top of the foot. You know what?? They're for me .. the mistake is going to stay!!

Hope to read some new posts from those people over there in that blogs I visit colume :) Heddy has been having lots of fun with Mr. Bruce. And Donna is having fun with Maggie and Gunni. They are almost making me want to look for a dog ... almost! :)

Have a good one!

Perhaps I should call this post "my lucky day"?? I just bought a HP laptop for a very good price, seems to work great, has the programs on it that I use ... already thinking of using it when we go to 4-H Pro Show the end of Sept.

Sunday, August 17


Nothing much has been going on.

Took about 2400 puppets to the IWK on Monday - they were thrilled to get them.

I'm plugging away on this. I'm down to where the bigger feather start. Last night I knit one row, and it gave me a whole bunch of trouble. Took me 45 minutes!! I'm on row 167 of 250 or so. I'll hopefully get a picture of my progess so far later on today. Doesn't look very nice all bunched up on a round needle :)

Our computer has been acting up, and we had to replace the hard drive. So now I'm slowly rebuilding my favorites and email addys. If you haven't heard from me, drop me a line, please :)

Have a good day!

ARRGGHHHH Made a mistake, and need to go back to the life line that I put in; 18 rows! Thank goodness I put that life line in though!

PHEW!! This morning I was able to take another look at the shawl, and was able to find where I had dropped 3 stitches. Picked them up, and was able to finish the row with no further problems.
It all started when I accidently purled a knit row ... and a whole row that had to come out. And being as careful as I was I dropped some stitches. But, thankfully I ended up only losing 3 rows of knitting ... much better than 18 rows!! I'll be putting in another life line before I go any further!

Tuesday, August 12


Katie and the chair that she won for having the most points in her age division.

The rest of the pictures are Katie and Dee in the halter class we held as a fundraiser for the Epilepsy Association of Nova Scotia. People paid $5 to go in the class, plus we collected donations from the people watchings. $160 was given to the two ladies who came down from Halifax for the afternoon. I'm very proud of our horse club for doing this. (now to come up with a group to support next year)

In other news, I finished a pair of socks for hubby last night. He's gone to work with them on his feet or I'd take a picture of them. After I finish the peacock shawl I have a another "big" project in mind - gonna knit a saddle pad cover for Katie.

Have a good one!!

Wednesday, August 6

Exhibition Week

Means I'm busy busy busy!!

Katie and her horse went in the parade last night with a Red Green theme - didn't go over as well as I hoped it would :( But I think she looked darn cute!! Will post pictures later.

She had all her 4-H light horse classes on Monday; had fun! Yesterday she had a halter class, and got 6th place in that. Today she rides in10 classes - busy day!!