Thursday, December 20

Let's try this again

This is my third attempt at an update on my blog. Getting just a little bit frustrated!!! Had a nice, newsy update typed, lost it all. Had a shorter, but still newsy update typed, lost it. GRRR
Now the short, to the point typing ... bet it'll let me publish this!!

The birds are loving our bird feeders. Imagine a picture of a log suet feeder with a woodpecker and a chickadee on it, that's what you'd see if I wasn't so discouraged. We've got woodepeckers, chickadees, junco's, 2 types of nuthatches, bluejays and a morning dove that come to the feeders.

All my Christmas knitting is done :) Now I'm working on a pair of thrummed mittens that a lady ordered. They are blue heather in color with the white wool. Aren't they pretty??

Merry Christmas