Friday, August 31

about the walkway

First of all, thank you for all the nice comments about our walkway. Hubby is pleased that people like it.

There are 201 puzzle pieces in the walkway.

Back in June we were at the local Pharmasave store, and saw 2 cement puzzle pieces there. Decorated stepping stones. Hubby liked them, but we weren't about to pay $20/stone for enough stones to do our walkway!!

So he thought, and he came up with a way to make them himself. He created enough puzzle edge pieces that he could form 6 pieces at one time. The forms were held in place on a piece of wood. Started on June 17th, finished mid August. Thank goodness my brother has a cement mixer we could borrow!

Some of the blocks have hand prints on them, one is painted, a couple have beachglass on them. One has Katie's foot prints on it.

And now I have to go hunt for a library book that is hiding.

Wednesday, August 29


OK, I promised some pictures, and here some are. :)

First is the socks I've knit for Katie, Troy and Mary. I'm not sure how the colors are compared to real life - our monitor has a yellow tinge to it, so I can't tell. Katie's are yellow, red pink and blue. Troy's are blue, brown and white. Might be other colors in there, I can't remember right now. Mary's are greenish, yellow, purple, etc.

Second picture, the part of the walkway that goes across the front of the house. You can see the edge of one flower garden on the front left, then the cement steps that we built around busted up cement steps. Just past the steps is our gold fish pond. Straight ahead is the newest flower garden that we have. The right side of the walkway is just a mess of dirt right now.

Third picture is the main flat area of the walkway. At the base of our main steps. You can see the socks sitting waiting for their picture to be taken, the wooden steps and a little bit of the flower garden. Yes, there is a piece missing. Don't most puzzles end up missing pieces?? It's filled in with pea gravel.
The first flower garden, the fish pond and the wooden steps are all built out of wharf timbers that have broken loose and were found on the opposite side of the harbour. One they are floating around or on the shore they are free game (as far as I understand the "rules" of beach combing). Dan and a friend Troy go out in our canoe (or Troy's rowboat with a motor on it) tie a big rope around the timbers and haul them back to where the truck is parked. They then manhandle them onto the back of the truck and bring them back to here. They have fun doing it. We have people stop and ask them what they are doing with them. We also have them surrounding a flower garden (in the works) around an oak tree in our front yard, and along the opposite side of the driveway.
Tomorrow is National Toasted Marshmallow Day. We're having a huge marshmallow roast to celebrate. If you are reading this, and are close enough to come, it starts at 6:30 and goes till about 9. Exit 26, opposite from Tim's - 0.8km up on the right .. there will be a sign. Come!! The more the merrier!! Last night (big) Troy came up and helped string Christmas lights to give lighting for tomorrow night. It was nice sitting out there after 9 and not in the dark. I think the lights might be staying up.
Didn't get a picture of Teddy when he was here, but he's coming again today to spend tonight, so I'll try to get one today. Monday one of our friends daughters went to her appt in the city. Today they are driving their other daughter to Mount A. She's excited, and a bit more nervous than she's willing to admit I think :) That will leave them with just their son at home now. But, on Sept 2nd they go to the airport to pick up an exchange student who will be staying with them until Christmas. His name is Edwardo, and I can't remember where he is from. Did learn yesterday that he shares a b-day with my Katie (and her Uncles Tom and Wayne).

Thursday, August 23

Weds update on life

Please, don't be expecting anything exciting!!!

Had Troy to the IWK on Tuesday for a dental appt, then Weds he went to the OR for dental work. Two hours, and lots of work later, he was done. Then we had to stay at the hospital until he was alert enough to leave - we left at 4:20. Got there at 6:00!! Long Day!! I spent the time knitting finger puppets for the IWK. Troy's almost back to his "normal" self today, still not really energetic.

I did finish his socks, and he was able to wear them into the OR. They made him happy. I'll take pictures later ... I promised Heddy I would! :)

Now I'm working on socks for my little niece Mary, she turns a year old next month. She'll get a pair to match Katies and a pair to match Troys. And maybe another pair, we'll see.

Our friends dog, Teddy, is coming tomorrow to spend the weekend with us. He's a good dog, and we enjoy having him come to visit. Last week he had a disc slip out of place in his back, and he's still not 100% percent on the walking, so they aren't taking him with them to their camp that is a 30 minute walk in the woods. Can't blame them. We get to enjoy him :) Our house is the only house he'll go to visit at and eat while he is there ... makes us feel special. When he was first hurt he'd try to get up when I'd go to visit, but not when anyone else went. I think Teddy likes me :) I'll have to get a picture of him too.

Oh, and I'll have to get a picture of the walkway my hubby is making. Really cool!! Not going to tell you what it is, you'll have to wait for the picture. One of our friends saw it yesterday and fell in love with it.

Monday, August 20

long time, no post

There's been nothing exciting to post about, honest!!

I did knit a pair of socks for Katie, and have a pair for Troy just about finished. I'll finish his tonight.

Tomorrow Troy and I go to the IWK in Halifax for a dental check-up. We'll spend the night in the city, and Weds morning he goes into the OR for any dental work that needs to be done. I'm taking finger puppets along to work on - something that is easy and doesn't require much thought. Have to be there at 6 Weds morning - UGH!!

Hopefully Tuesday evening we'll be able to meet up with some friends from the FlyLady group that I belong to. That would be nice.

Guess that's it. I'll have to try to live a more exciting life to have more to post about :)